Whole House Water Purifier – Advanced AQUA System (10 x 54")

Aqua Whole House Water Purifier is an advanced system that works effectively for water problems including heavy metals, chlorine, taste & odour ensuring clean, pure, chemical-free water to every tap in your home.
Carbon and KDF Technology for the removal/reduction of sediment, chlorine, asbestos, heavy metals, unwanted taste and odours from every tap in the home.

  • Healthier shower/bath for skin and hair
  • Softer, brighter, longer lasting clothing
  • Plants, fruits and vegetables grow better
  • Low on-going maintenance, easy installation


Elegant Design
The white minimalist style casing effortlessly integrates into a high-end home environment. UV resistance provides superior quality.
KDF Filter media can effectively remove up to 99% of water-soluble heavy metals, including lead, mercury and nickel. The superior ability of KDF to inhibit the growth bacteria, algae and fungi makes it ideal for use with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) to extend the hygienic life of the filter.
GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) – Super absorbent food-grade coconut shell activated carbon, greater porosity. Residual chlorine adsorption, removal of microorganisms and suspended solids.
Simple Operation
Only 3 Steps are needed to set up the program. One Touch regeneration makes for super easy operation.
Intelligent Controll Valve
This highly intelligent control valve has a super capacitor to hold time of day and programming during a power outage. The fully adjustable 3 cycle control and ability to remember customer water use, means great efficiency. You can choose your backwash time.

How it works:

Intelligence Inside – The fully set up bottom distributor has a quartz sand layer covering it to allow superior distribution of water through the media, helping to prevent channelling and also protecting your unit from loss of media during backwash.
Service – The main water feed enters the unit and flows down through the media to purify the water, then flows back up the riser tube and out to use
Backwash – Water Flow is reversed, so it flows down the riser pipe and up through the media, lifting it up and out to drain. The unit can be programmed for time and frequency of backwash to best suit your needs. If an extra backwash is needed, a one touch button makes it easy


10 x 54″ Model

  • 1.4 – 3.5 bar operating pressure
  • Size: 266 x 333 x 1572 mm
  • Media: GAC 16 kg + KDF 0.6 kg + Filter SAND 8 kg
  • Flow rate: 50L/min
  • Total capacity: 50M3
  • Valve model: Autotrol-363/606F
  • Valve pipe size: 1”-BSPT
  • Transformer: NZ/AUST WallTrans-240V
  • Controller type: 363-Automatic 706 Control, 368-Automatic 706 Control

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